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Jul 16, 2012

Democratic Candidates Continue Strong Fundraising

In the latest proof of Democratic momentum in the Drive for 25 to take the House, headlines across the country today show strong Democratic candidate fundraising with many even outraising their Republican rivals.

Take a look for yourself.

  • NJ-03/07: 2 N.J. Democratic congressional hopefuls are raising as much or more than GOP incumbents [Associated Press, 7/16/12]
  • FL-16: Fitzgerald outraises Buchanan for second consecutive quarter [Sarasota Herald Tribune, 7/16/12]
  • NC-11: Rogers winning the money race [Asheville Citizen Times, 7/16/12]
  • NC-07: McIntyre holds large cash advantage over Rouzer in 7th Congressional District race [Star News Online, 7/16/12]
  • FL-10: Demings maintains fundraising edge on Webster [Orlando Sentinel, 7/16/12]
  • IN-08: Democrat Crooks continues to lead fundraising in 8th District race [Evansville Courier Press, 7/16/12]
  • IL-08/17: Duckworth, Bustos outraise GOP incumbents [Capitol Fax, 7/16/12]
  • NM-01: Grisham well ahead of Arnold-Jones in money race [NMPolitics, 7/16/12]
  • NY-24: Maffei passes Buerkle in race for cash as special interest money flows into both campaigns [The Post Standard, 7/16/12]
  • WA-10: GOP struggles to raise money in 10th district; Flemming borrows $100,000 more [The Olympian, 7/16/12]
  • NY-24: Maffei raises more than $224,000; has more cash on hand than Buerkle [The Citizen, 7/15/12]
  • NY-27: Hochul holds fundraising edge [Buffalo News, 7/14/12]
  • FL-16: Fitzgerald to report $380K raised in last three months [Herald Tribune, 7/12/12]
  • NY-24: Maggi: Best-Funded Challenger Ever to Tim Murphy [Politcs PA, 7/12/12]
  • Il-17: Bustos raises $1.28 M so far [Quad Cities, 7/11/12]
  • NH-02: Kuster Raises Whopping $484k In Second Quarter [Political Swoop, 7/10/12]
  • RI-01: Cicilline raised more than $300K in 2Q; war chest tops $825K [WPRI, 7/9/12]
  • FL-18: Allen West Challenger to Post $500,000 Quarter [Roll Call, 7/9/12]
  • NY-25: Slaughter Raises $530K [Capital Tonight, 7/9/12]
  • MN-02: Obermueller raises $252K for race against Kline [Minnesota Public Radio, 7/9/12]
  • FL-22: Frankel scores big in quarterly fundraising [Post on Politics, 7/2/12]

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