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Mar 11, 2004

DeLay vs. Cockroach Corner

“This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is BS—Not only do you kick him—you kick him until he passes out—then beat him over the head with a baseball bat—then roll him up in an old rug—and throw him off a cliff into the pound[ing] surf below!!!!!”
- Former DeLay spokesman Mike Scanlon, who has been implicated in the Indian extortion probe along w/ DeLay ally Jack Abramoff, discussing the legal nuances of impeachment in an e-mail that got leaked.  [reported] Roll Call 9/14/2000

Maybe that kind of trash talk was acceptable from staff working for the OLD Tom DeLay, but from what we hear the NEW Tom DeLay is much more…well…sensitive!

How else would you explain the howls that came from his office yesterday when the DCCC unveiled “Cockroach Corner,” dedicated to some of the more outrageous rants and raves of the former-exterminator-become-lawmaker-become-enforcer-become protector-of- the-flame -of-right-wing-political-ideology.

In fact, Republican dyspepsia on the topic caused the subject to be raised at Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s press conference today. Here’s part of the transcript:

“Q Madam Leader, you know, this week we have the DCCC unveiled (sic) a Web site called “Cockroach Corner,” in reference to Tom DeLay and his former profession.

Ms. Pelosi. Really?

Q They have since pulled that Web site down.

Ms. Pelosi. I didn’t even know they had one. I honestly didn’t.

Q As the campaign goes forward and things get a little nastier—and DeLay in a little bit is going to be having a press conference decrying the politics of personal destruction. Should Tom DeLay get a thicker skin? Is this the pot calling the kettle black situation?

Ms. Pelosi. Yes. I absolutely didn’t know about that Web site. I absolutely did not, and this is the first I am hearing about it.

But I think Democrats will be talking about the issues in this campaign. They will be making clear distinctions between the priorities of Democrats and Republicans. And we will hold the Republicans accountable and their leadership accountable for their distorted priorities which have lost jobs, increased the number of people without access to health care, diminished opportunity by under-funding education, rolled back 30 years of bipartisan progress on the environment. And the list goes on.”

Wow!  Imagine Tom DeLay holding a press conference for the purpose of “decrying the politics of personal destruction.”

We’d sure love to be there!  Because we couldn’t agree more.  The politics of “personal destruction” should have no place in the debate that the public deserves to hear about the very real problems that are affecting millions of American families each and every day.

But in case Mr. DeLay hasn’t noticed, the only thing outrageous about the content on that site are his own words.

In the meantime, check out Cockroach Corner, not because it was taken down (untrue), but because if Mr. DeLay is really committed to stopping the politics of “personal destruction” we may have a lot less to write about. 

We’ll keep the betting window open.

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