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Apr 15, 2004

DeLay the Populist

We mentioned earlier today Tom DeLay’s plan to scrap income and corporate taxes in favor of a national sales tax.  Now it appears DeLay is taking it to the streets:

HOUSTON—More than 100 people rallied Thursday in Houston in a push to eliminate federal income taxes.

The move came on the deadline to file taxes—April 15.

Members of Americans for Fair Taxation were joined by U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Sugar Land.

The legislation would eliminate all federal income taxes and replace them with a voluntary, single rate retail sales tax on goods and services.

DeLay called the U.S. tax system, quote: “an unmitigated mess.”

Georgia Congressman John Linder sponsored the FairTax Act in Congress.

Linder says DeLay’s support of the legislation will help legitimize it.

Linder’s plan would replace all income taxes with a 23 percent across-the-board sales tax.

But University of Houston law professor Ira Shepard says replacing the federal income tax with only a sales tax won’t generate enough money.

Oh yeah, Americans for Fair Taxation, that’s grassroots at its best, listed as a former front group for Enron by the Center for Public Integrity.

Their argument for the “consumption tax” reduces to this, and I quote: “It’s simple.”

It is simple.  DeLay wants to eliminate all progressive taxes and replace them with extremely regressive ones.  If you make more than you can spend, it will simply pile up unfettered, and with the disgraceful elimination of the estate tax, what you get is “a new class of landed aristocrats,” as Newsweek’s Wall Street Editor put it.  Those trying to work their way up, on the other hand, will be taxed on every cent they make because they have to spend every cent they make - although AFT stomach-churningly calls it “voluntary.”

So basically DeLay will be going to voters this year, attempting to get elected by telling voters “I’m gonna make your taxes simple,” banking on the hope that their lack of information and misplaced trust will allow him to swindle the middle class into choking down the tax burden of his donors.  Anybody who is as outraged as we are, give us a hand in making sure every initial story written on this notes that this is a full-out war on progressive taxation.

Write a letter to the editor using George Bush’s website.

If DeLay wants to campaign on this scam, let’s make him pay.

Update: More from Kuff.

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