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Mar 01, 2004

DeLay Scandal Apology

You may have seen me insinuate that Tom DeLay’s PAC had a donation-swapping system going to take corporate contributions and put them into Congressional Races (where they are illegal). I apologize for creating the impression that something improper was going on. Apparently, they only:

“...sent $190,000 in corporate funds to the Republican National Committee; the money was conveyed by Jim Ellis, a top political aide of DeLay. A few weeks later, the RNC’s state election committee sent the same amount back to Texas, divided among seven Republican candidates for the state House of Representatives.”

my bad.

Additionally, the prosecutor, District Attorney Ronnie Earle, has been accused of being both partisan AND vindictive by DeLay, who is known on the Hill as “The Hammer”. Earle, whose office has investigated 15 officials (11 Dem, 4 GOP) previously, added this witty rejoinder:

“Being called partisan and vindictive by Tom DeLay is like being called ugly by a frog,”

The full Washington Post story is here.

Three Texas Papers editorialize in support of the investigation.

Austin American-Statesman

Houston Chronicle

San Antonio Express News

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