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Mar 26, 2004

DeLay Needs Your Help!

Fresh from the Houston Chronicle:

DeLay, R-Sugar Land, told a group of Houston supporters earlier this month he may need to raise more money for a legal defense fund.
DeLay and an aide in a March 8 private meeting at the Omni Houston Hotel talked to Houston supporters about the possible need to pay for a legal defense in connection with the grand jury investigation, according to two people who attended the meeting.

The meeting at the Omni was part of a regular event DeLay holds every three months for supporters called the “Congressional Quarterly Luncheon.” The two people interviewed by the Chronicle spoke on condition of anonymity.

DeLay talked about the grand jury investigation only after being asked about it by one of the 40 to 50 people in attendance, sources told the Chronicle.

DeLay talked briefly about a legal defense and then had an unidentified aide discuss the possible need for raising money for a legal defense fund.

One of those interviewed quoted DeLay as saying, “I fully anticipate being indicted.”

The other person did not remember hearing DeLay say anything like that, “but I gathered the money he might raise would be for him,” he said.

The Chronicle attempted to contact others who are known to have been at the meeting, but none responded.

Grella said neither DeLay nor the aide talked about setting up a new fund or of having any expectation of needing one.

Empty your pockets to help him, but if you have anything left, we will be working to expel every member of the House that shirked their conscience to rubber stamp his agenda, so give us a hand and we’ll let ‘em know it came through the blogosphere.

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