Campaign 2010

Mar 23, 2004

Deficit Rabble Rabble

From WSJ:

House leaders scramble for votes as fiscal 2005 budget hits floor next week. Next is a brawl with Senate over tax cuts and spending caps. Tension builds on highway bill: White House demands big cuts, but lawmakers want projects. Transportation Chairman Young publicly explodes at Rep. Shaw yesterday, “I don’t have the money!” then tells him to get party leaders to find “the g-d- money.”

And oh well, as long as I’m putting up ridiculous Republican quotes, I might as well lay this one out:

Bush pal and Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans recently said publicly what his colleagues have long been saying privately: He called President Bush’s Democratic opponent a “fellow of a different political stripe who looks French.”

Does it occur to Republicans that one of the reasons other nations hesitate to help us is because GOPers insist on insulting their entire nations every time we come looking for a hand?  I guess if you know you can’t run against your opponent you have to find something else people hate to run against, and if you can fan the flames a little while you’re at it, why not?  I have a strange feeling this isn’t the first time either.

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