Campaign 2010

Feb 14, 2004

Decision Time - Polls Open in 60 Hours

Well, after a leisurely sleep (people on my bus were given three hours to be back for breakfast and work assignments), volunteers were deployed to knock on doors, do lit drops, talk to voters, and shuttle people around town in a small armada of buses and vans. (Alright, the bus drivers are professionals, but as for the rest…).

Some people were sent to volunteer phone banks that had been set up near staging centers around town.  I’m actually writing this message from one of those locations now. 

I know that we are some place in Lexington. I’m really not trying to be mysterious, but the truth is that I wasn’t paying any attention when the buses arrived this morning, so I truly don’t have a clue as to where we are. (Let’s just call it an ├»┬┐┬Żundisclosed location.”)

It was pretty quiet for the past couple of hours.  Turns out that the Kentucky Wildcats played the Georgia Bulldogs this afternoon in Athens, GA.  Apparently, one of the unquestionable realities of political life in Kentucky is that you DO NOT call or knock on someone’s door when the ‘Cats play. (Believe me, that’s one piece of conventional wisdom you don’t want to challenge).

So now the game is over.  And life returns to normal: which for the people of Kentucky’s 6th Congressional district means being able to make a choice that will send a powerful signal to the White House and Congress in Washington, DC: The American people want change!

Kentucky voters will begin sending that message when the polls open in just 60 hours.

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