Campaign 2010

Apr 28, 2004

Dear Scott Paterno

Let us first congratulate you on your victory in the Republican primary for PA’s 17th, you ran a swell campaign and your utter lack of experience was nobly countered by the repetition of your father’s well-respected name.  However, in the spirit of good will and friendly advice, let us list some things that you should leave off of your website in the future:

Accusing Former President’s of Being Serial Killers
“In my opinion, President Clinton, at the very least, conspired to commit murder at least 56 times.”

And if you must do so, please restrict it to one column rather than four (2,3,4).

Your Inability to Handle Your Personal Finances
“I have long been unable to balance my personal budget, but hey, I know enough to agree with what Gingrich and the GOP would give me…”

Bashing Medicare and Social Security
“In his speech, Clinton pledged to uphold and stand by our ‘Fundamental American Commitments’ to Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare… I’m sorry, Mr. President, but nowhere in the Constitution of the United States… is there any section that sets out a provision for huge entitlement programs and billion dollar handouts.”

And if our Chairman, Robert Matsui says something like this:

“The Republicans woke up this morning with an unelectable candidate whose strange beliefs put him way out of the mainstream.  Are Republicans in Pennsylvania and Washington really going to support a candidate who supports drug legalization and believes a U.S. President was a serial killer?”

Just keep your head up, it’ll be ok.  So anywho, congratulations again, sincerely,
The DCCC Action Team

P.S.- if you ever find any dirt on your opponent, be sure to take screenshots of the site in case they take them down…like we did.

P.P.S. - Check out your opponent, Tim Holden, he is much better than you.

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