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Oct 09, 2012

DCCC’s Second TV Ad Warns Congressman Cravaack He Might Regret Voting to End Medicare

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure’s second TV ad, “Wish,” warns Congressman Chip Cravaack that he might regret his vote to end the Medicare guarantee just to give tax breaks to millionaires. Minnesota seniors, however, already regret Congressman Cravaack’s votes to make them pay an additional $6,400 more for Medicare. The DCCC’s TV ad, “Wish,” airs today.


Script of DCCC IE AD Wish

Voiceover:      Careful what you wish for, Chip Cravaack.

One day you’ll be a senior citizen.

Maybe then you’ll wish you could take back your vote to remove Medicare’s promise.

Costing seniors an extra $6400.

And perhaps, you’ll apologize for using that money to give tax breaks to millionaires.

One day, Chip Cravaack, you might regret your votes.

But Minnesota families regret your votes right now.

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