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Oct 02, 2012

DCCC TV Ad Reveals Congressman Denham’s “Not Quite Honest” on Pay Raises and Medicare

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching its second Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad exposing Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-10) for seeking perks like pay raises that one newspaper called “not quite honest” while Denham now fails to tell the truth about his plan for Medicare.

As a State Senator, Denham claimed to turn down pay raises, but he secretly requested them, increasing his salary. As a Congressman, Denham is telling voters he’s protecting Medicare even though he voted for Paul Ryan’s budget that ends Medicare and raises seniors’ health care costs by $6,400 a year.

Script of “Not Quite Honest” (CA-10)

Voiceover:      “Not quite honest.”

That’s how the Fresno Bee described Jeff Denham’s behavior.

First Denham told taxpayers he refused pay raises, but then he secretly wrote the state Controller to ask for those same raises.

No wonder the Fresno Bee called his actions “not quite honest.”

Now Denham’s telling valley families he’s protecting Medicare, but even the AARP says his vote would remove Medicare’s promise.

Jeff Denham.  Not quite honest indeed.

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