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Nov 04, 2013

DCCC Statement on Speaker Boehner’s Refusal to Allow Vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement after Speaker Boehner refused to bring the Employment Non-Discrimination Act to a vote in the House.

“In light of the Senate’s bipartisan support for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, it is deeply disappointing – but not surprising – that Speaker Boehner is refusing to bring this commonsense legislation up for a vote in the House. Like so many other issues, House Republicans are disconnected from mainstream reality in this country, where there is bipartisan consensus that no one should be fired because of who they love. Next year Americans will have the opportunity to replace House Republicans who stand in the way of common sense – and elect Democrats who will stand up for the right of all Americans to do their jobs without fear of being fired because of who they love.”

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