Campaign 2010

Nov 07, 2013

DCCC Statement on Republican Congressman Coble’s Retirement in NC-06

DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward released the following statement after Congressman Howard Coble announced his retirement in North Carolina’s 6th Congressional district. Congressman Coble is now the 15th House Republican to leave the House in 2014.

“Barely a day goes by without another Republican jumping ship from Speaker John Boehner’s disastrous Republican Congress – because House Republicans aren’t giving up their reckless behavior and focusing on the right priorities like creating jobs. With another fiscal showdown just a few months away, House Republicans are losing their appetite for the irresponsible Tea Party agenda and are unwilling to defend it to the American people next year. Before voters could even start casting their ballots to throw them out, 15 House Republicans have made it clear they don’t want to come back to the House because they see the writing on the wall.”

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