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Sep 18, 2012

DCCC Releases Video to Remind Floridians of Adam Hasner’s Tea Party Extremism

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) released a video today called “Tea Party Republican Adam Hasner: ‘The Indisputable King of Partisan Warfare’” to remind Floridians of Adam Hasner’s wrong priorities for Florida’s middle class and seniors. Known as the “indisputable king of partisan warfare,” Tea Party Republican Adam Hasner is now trying to hide from his radical and partisan record that is too extreme for Florida seniors and families. Hasner has even been named as one of the “8 Craziest Candidates of 2012."

The video can be found here.

Tea Party Republican Adam Hasner: “The Indisputable King of Partisan Warfare”

 “Adam Hasner is trying to star in ‘Extreme Campaign Makeover: Tea Party Transformation,’ but Floridians won’t forget his extreme record as a partisan career politician who is out of touch with hardworking families and seniors,” said Stephanie Formas of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Not only does Tea Party Republican Adam Hasner strongly support Congressman Ryan’s plan to end Medicare, Hasner wants to privatize Social Security and gamble seniors’ retirement on the stock market.”
To review a full memo on how Hasner is wrong for Florida’s seniors and middle class, click here.

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