Campaign 2010

Oct 24, 2012

DCCC Releases Second TV Ad Targeting Congressman Webster’s Record of Serving Special Interests

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching the second Independent Expenditure TV ad highlighting more examples of Congressman Dan Webster’s (FL-10) long record of cozying up to special interests and lobbyists. As Speaker of the state House in Florida, career politician Dan Webster opposed a lobbyist gift ban and billed taxpayers for 39 trips. In Congress, Congressman Webster has repeatedly voted for special tax breaks for big oil companies, special interests and companies that ship jobs overseas.

Too Cozy

Script of “Too Cozy”

Voiceover: Welcome back to the Lobbyist Lounge in Dan Webster's redecorated office. Cost to taxpayers? One hundred thousand.

No surprise: Webster opposed a ban on lobbyists buying him expensive meals.

But did you notice the plane?

Webster also billed taxpayers for thirty-nine trips.

And in tough times, he wouldn't even sell the state-owned planes he used.

Dan Webster: too cozy with lobbyists, too liberal with our tax dollars.

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