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Sep 11, 2012

DCCC Releases New TV Ad Attacking Rodney Davis for Ties to Corruption in Illinois Politics

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Independent Expenditure released a new TV ad, “Enough” that traces career politician Rodney Davis’ ties to corruption in Illinois politics. The ad highlights how Davis started out under convicted Governor George Ryan and attacks Davis for his role end-running campaign finance law to enable thousands to be given to groups he worked with.

Script of DCCC IE AD “Enough is Enough”:


For Rodney Davis, it wasn’t enough to be on George Ryan’s secret clout list of political insiders

Davis also admitted his role in a scheme that skirted campaign contribution limits...

...limits put in place to end Blagojevich-style pay to play politics.

Called an end run around the law, Davis arranged for tens of thousands of dollars to be given to groups he worked with.

News Clips:

Corruption. Scandal.  Arrested.  Prison. Political Favors.


Maybe Rodney Davis hasn’t had enough, but we have.

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