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Oct 26, 2012

DCCC Releases New Ad Targeting Jonathan “Payday” Paton

 The DCCC released its fifth Independent Expenditure ad warning voters of Republican congressional candidate Jonathan “Payday” Paton’s payday lobbyist record that put special interests over Arizona’s middle class. Payday Paton was paid by the predatory payday lending industry at the same time he was serving in the State Legislature. Payday Paton also pushed an initiative that would allow “the continued gouging of everyday citizens” by payday lenders who charged interest rates of up to 180%.

Script of “Book” (AZ-01)

Voiceover:  When it comes to payday lenders and lobbyists.

Jonathan Paton wrote the book.

Paton was on the payroll of payday lending lobbyists at the same time he was a legislator.

Paton pushed a deceptive initiative to bail out the payday lending industry --allowing “the continued gouging of everyday citizens”

– charging a hundred and eighty percent interest.

Jonathan Paton profits.  At our expense.

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