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Oct 11, 2012

DCCC Releases First TV Ad Targeting Congressman Webster’s Record of Serving Special Interests

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching the first Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad exposing career politician Dan Webster’s (FL-10) record of cozying up to special interests and lobbyists, rather than standing up for Florida’s middle class and seniors. As Speaker of the state House in Florida, career politician Dan Webster spent $100,000 renovating his office including building a lounge for lobbyists and special interests. In Congress, Congressman Webster has repeatedly voted for special tax breaks for big oil companies, special interests and companies that ship jobs overseas. The ad begins airing today.


Script of “Cozy”

Voiceover:  Welcome to Dan Webster's "Lobbyist Lounge”

As Speaker, Dan Webster spent a hundred thousand taxpayer dollars redecorating his office:

Building a lounge... for lobbyists. Spiral staircase. Sofas. TVs

Cozy... like Dan Webster's relationship with lobbyists.

Webster accepted over eighty-one thousand dollars from lobbyists...

...and last March, Webster was caught cozying up to them at a Key Largo resort.

Dan Webster and lobbyists:  A little TOO cozy.

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