Campaign 2010

Oct 23, 2012

DCCC Releases First TV Ad in NY-25: Maggie Brooks Surrounded by Scandal

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today launched its first Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad in NY-25 highlighting the scandals and corruption Maggie Brooks has overseen during her time as County Executive.  Brooks’ administration has included arrests, outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars, and even a patronage job for her husband.  Monroe County is being forced to pay too high a price for Maggie Brooks’ corruption.  The DCCC ad began running today.


Script of DCCC IE AD “Scandal”:

Voiceover:  Maggie Brooks…surrounded by scandal.

Brooks named a campaign contributor as airport director. He spent our tax dollars on strippers and cigars. 

Brooks’ second airport director, arrested … for driving drunk in a county vehicle.

Maggie Brooks’ husband named Director of the Water Authority. Since then, over a million dollars in salary and pension.

Maggie Brooks. Too much corruption. Too high a price.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.  

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