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Sep 26, 2012

DCCC Releases Ad Targeting Lobbyist David Rouzer’s Support for Outsourcing Corporations

The DCCC today released its third Independent Expenditure campaign TV ad exposing lobbyist David Rouzer (NC-07) for wanting to protect corporations that ship American jobs overseas. Rouzer profited as a special interest lobbyist for a Japanese corporation and he would “wholeheartedly” support a budget plan that would give tax breaks to corporations that ship North Carolina jobs overseas.

Protecting Outsourcing



How do big corporations protect their outsourcing tax breaks?

They hire lobbyists.

One corporation based in Japan paid David Rouzer over fifty grand as a lobbyist for them in Congress.

Now, David Rouzer is running for Congress.
And “wholeheartedly” supports the budget plan that gives more tax breaks to companies that outsource jobs overseas.

David Rouzer must think lobbying wasn't enough.

He wants to protect outsourcing in Congress.
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