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Apr 22, 2013

DCCC Outraises NRCC, Record-Breaking First Quarter

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee dominated first quarter fundraising with a record-breaking $22.6 million – outraising the NRCC by $5.1 million despite being in the minority. The DCCC has half as much debt as the NRCC ($8.3 million for the NRCC to $4.5 million for the DCCC) and more cash-on-hand than the NRCC ($8.9 million for the DCCC to $8.1 million for the NRCC). The DCCC raised $4.7 M from online donors and $4.3 M from Democratic Members with over 50 percent of Members participating including 92 percent of freshmen.

  • DCCC breaks fundraising record [Politico, 4/22/13]
    • DCCC outraises NRCC in first quarter by $5.1M [The Hill, 4/19/13]
    • DCCC raises $22.6M in record first quarter [The Hill, 4/18/13]
    • DCCC Reaps Record Rewards From Freshmen [National Journal, 4/16/13]
    • DCCC Raises $10 Million, NRCC Raises $8 Million in March [Roll Call, 4/20/2013]
    • Democrats raise $22.6M for House races [USA Today, 4/18/2013]
    • DCCC Sets Fundraising Record With $22.6 Million In First Quarter [The Huffington Post, 4/18/2013]
    • DCCC raises $10.2 million in March [The Washington Post, 4/18/2013]
    • Members Cough Up $4.3M for DCCC [Roll Call, 4/17/2013]

Side-by-side Comparison

Q1 2013



Q1 (QTD) Receipts

$22.6 M

$17.5 M

March (MTD) Receipts

$10.2 M

$8.1 M


$8.9 M

$8.1 M


$4.5 M

$8.3 M



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