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Oct 21, 2011

DCCC Nearly Doubles NRCC Fundraising In September

Tonight, in the latest troubling development for House Republicans, the DCCC outraised the NRCC by nearly double for the month of September ($6.64 M to $3.80 M) and outraised for the third quarter ($14.22 M to $10.68 M). The DCCC's fundraising success is being fueled by record grassroots donations.  The DCCC had its best single day of online support in its history at the end of this quarter (September 30th) – the most contributions and most contributors ever. This news comes on the heels of the DCCC announcing strong candidates in more than 60 districts and new polls showing voters want to elect Democrats to Congress next November.

From DCCC Chairman Steve Israel:

“From polling to strong candidates, and now to fundraising, it’s clear that voters are rejecting Republicans’ extreme agenda and their Majority is in deep jeopardy. While we are in the minority in Congress, we’re with the majority of the American people and grassroots support from across the country is fueling our campaign to put control of the House of Representatives back in the people’s hands.”

Fundraising Comparison

September 2011 Numbers



MTD Raised

$6.64 M

$3.80 M

QTD Raised

$14.22 M

$10.68 M

YTD Raised

$47.90 M

$44.18 M


$2.0 M

$1.50 M


$9.47 M

$12.17 M

Last Week –

  • Two new polls came out showing voters want to elect Democrats to Congress next November. A Reuters/Ipsos poll shows voters would support a Democratic candidate over a Republican candidate in their district by 8 points (48 percent – 40 percent). A NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that voters prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress to a Republican-controlled Congress by 4 points (45 percent – 41 percent).
  • The DCCC announced strong candidates running in 60 Republican and open districts, reaching its recruitment goal for the year and putting in play more than twice the 25 seats needed to gain the majority.
  • House Race Hotline says “Dems look like they'll have their strongest recruiting class since '06, no small feat.”

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