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Mar 24, 2011

DCCC Launches to Expose Donors of Crossroads GPS

Crossroads GPS yesterday launched a new website designed to serve their push for accountability and a “new paradigm for transparency.”  In that same spirit of openness and transparency, the DCCC launched a new website today with a database of the donors funding Crossroads GPS.  Check out the DCCC’s new website,

“Karl Rove and Crossroads GPS preaching transparency is like Sarah Palin teaching geography – it’s just not right,” said Jennifer Crider of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Crossroads GPS has spent millions of dollars from secretive, hidden donors on misleading campaigns.  If Crossroads GPS wants to be taken seriously on transparency it must practice what they preach and release the names of their secretive donors.”


  • The DCCC named American Crossroads as its “Hypocrite of the Week” for only preaching and not practicing transparency and openness after claiming to support “A New Paradigm of Transparency.” [DCCC, 3/21/11]
  • American Crossroads Claims To Support ‘A New Paradigm of Transparency’. “Third, setting a new direction for America means a new paradigm of transparency. Politicians and the subculture that supports them want government to be a “black box” to its citizens: unknowable, inscrutable, and above all, unaccountable. [American Crossroads Website, accessed 3/17/11]
  • American Crossroads is Like the RNC ‘Without the Disclosure’. “According to election law expert and Loyola Law School Professor Richard Hasen, “Karl Rove has launched American Crossroads: It's like the Republican National Committee without the disclosure mandate federal law imposes on the RNC.” [Slate, 4/6/10]
  • Operative: Crossroads GPS Organized to Allow Donors to Give Anonymously, A Strategy That “Worked Like a Charm.” In June, Rove and Gillespie helped organize Crossroads GPS under the provision that allows donors to give anonymously. A Republican operative who speaks frequently with Mr. Rove said the public donations, revealed over the summer, were used as “a way to energize others to give large amounts anonymously.” The operative added, “It has worked like a charm.” [New York Times, 10/11/10]

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