Campaign 2010

Jan 18, 2013

DCCC Launches “Kumbaya” Web Video As GOP Signals More Chaos to Come

As the Tea Party House Republicans try to come together at their retreat this week in Williamsburg, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) today released a new web video reminding them just how hard that will be.

The new video, “Kumbaya,” makes the case of the dysfunction and extremism of the Tea Party House Republicans – from the mouths of Republicans themselves. According to news reports, a majority of House Republicans are pushing for default and a government shutdown. And that’s just the latest chronic chaos from this Tea Party House Republican majority.

“The best messengers to tell the story about the chronic chaos and dysfunction in the Republican conference are the Republicans themselves,” said Emily Bittner, of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Their extreme Tea Party views are threatening to drive this country into an economic meltdown, and Republicans can’t even get their act together to start governing. While the Republicans focus on trying to make nice, the American people are demanding real solutions to our problems.” 

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