Campaign 2010

Oct 08, 2012

DCCC Exposes Lobbyist Andy Barr’s Lies About His Criminal Record and Plan to End Medicare

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s Independent Expenditure released its first TV ad exposing lobbyist Andy Barr’s desperate lies about his criminal record and his plan to end the Medicare guarantee that would raise health care costs for seniors.



Script of “Talk” (KY-06)

Voiceover:       Andy Barr doesn’t like to talk about it
But when he applied for a state job, Barr got caught lying about his criminal record, covering up his criminal past.
So maybe it’s no surprise Barr’s being dishonest about Medicare too.
Fact is, he supports a plan that ends the Medicare guarantee, making seniors pay thousands more to give more tax breaks to millionaires.
You just can’t trust Andy Barr.

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