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Apr 01, 2014

DCCC Debuts ‘The SCANDALous Republican Budget’

With Republicans set to announce the fourth installment of their reckless Republican budget that hurts the middle class and seniors while protecting big tax breaks for special interests and the wealthy, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a preview of what to expect in the latest version of their scandalous budget.

“One word comes to mind when you take a look at the latest version of the jobs-wrecking, economy-devastating, special interest-protecting, Medicare-dismantling Republican budget: scandalous,” said Josh Schwerin of the Democratic Congressional. “The DCCC’s trailer previews the fourth edition of the Republic budget, and the coming attractions from this Republican Congress look pretty familiar: jeopardizing good-paying jobs, undermining families’ financial security, ending the Medicare guarantee for seniors and raising taxes on the middle class – and all to pay for tax breaks for corporations and the ultra-wealthy. The Republican budget is one scandal that middle class families won’t want to tune in for.”

Visit the website and watch the video at, where updates on the dramatic impact of the budget will be available:

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