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Oct 05, 2012

DCCC Continues Offensive on Jonathan “Payday” Paton With New TV Ad “Friends”

 The DCCC released its third Independent Expenditure ad revealing even more about Republican congressional candidate Jonathan “Payday” Paton’s record of supporting special interests over Arizona’s middle class. Payday Paton lobbied for the predatory payday lending industry and supported legislation allowing them to charge astronomical interest rates in the state legislature. But payday lenders aren’t the only special interests backing Payday Paton. He has taken thousands from Wall Street and insurance companies, while endorsing policies that would benefit them like handing over seniors’ retirement to the volatile stock market and turning Medicare into a voucher program.

Script of IE AD of “Friends” (AZ-01)

Voiceover:      You’ve met Jonathan “Payday” Paton.

A corporate lobbyist for the payday loan industry -- who backed legislation allowing them to charge a hundred eighty percent interest.

Now, meet Paton’s friends.

Wall Street and insurance companies.

Paton took over $70,000 from the special interests.

While supporting privatization of Social Security and Medicare.

Jonathan Paton’s no friend of the middle-class.

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