Campaign 2010

Mar 12, 2013

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel’s Statement on the new Tea Party Republican Budget

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel released the following statement after Republican Budget Chairman Paul Ryan released his new budget.

“You can set your clock by it: Spring always brings Republican March Madness, when they try to end the Medicare guarantee for seniors. With the Ryan budget today, Tea Party Republicans are tripling down on a radical plan that demands seniors pay more for Medicare instead of ending tax breaks for corporate special interests and Big Oil companies. It’s the same old Tea Party priorities that voters rejected in 2012 and will reject again in 2014.

“Americans are fed up with this Tea Party Congress that always sings the same extreme tune, asking seniors and the middle class to be the first to pay while asking nothing from the wealthiest Americans. The American people want to take a balanced approach that reduces our deficits, creates jobs and strengthens the middle class – and that’s what Democrats are offering.”


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