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Aug 05, 2013

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel Says House Republicans’ Chaos and Obstruction is Hurting the Economy

On CNN State of the Union this morning, DCCC Chairman Steve Israel made clear that the House Republicans’ chaos and obstruction is hurting the economy and the middle class. Chairman Israel called for Republicans to listen to their constituents in August and choose solutions when they return from vacation.

Chairman Israel said: “Look, we're not going to campaign on the fact that the Republicans are chaotic and that the Congress is broken. We’re campaigning on the fact that their chaos and the broken Congress is hurting the economy. They left for a six-week recess. They couldn't even pass a highway bill. You don't pass a highway bill, that's fewer contracts for highway companies. That’s a lower pay checks for highway workers. They couldn't pass a farm bill based on bipartisanship. That’s a tougher deal for rural economies. So the fact of the matter is that their chaos, their extremism is hurting the economy. We should pass a budget in September instead of shutting down the government. My final point: we should pass a budget that is solutions-based, that reduces debt in a balanced way that is fair to the middle class, protects rather than privatizes Medicare, and creates rather than costs jobs. If we can do that and cooperate, the economy will be better.”

Watch here:

When asked about the economy, Chairman Israel made clear that: “What we have to do is have different priorities than the priorities the House Republicans are giving us right now. In their attempts – their relentless attempts – to obstruct the President, to obstruct Democrats from solutions, they're actually obstructing democratic growth. Candy, I had the best answer to your question yesterday. I had a town meeting in Oyster Bay. One of my constituents, a guy named Brook Dixon said, ‘Congressman, I’m trying to start a small business to create jobs. Why can't Members of Congress do what a small business has to do? Why can't they listen to the customer?’ I’m hopeful that in August House Republicans will listen to the customer and choose solutions rather than obstruction. If you listen to the Republicans, my final point, if you listen to what the Republicans are saying, they're going to come back in September and double down on obstruction that hurts the economy, continuing to repeal the affordable care act. They’ve done it 40 times. They’re going to do again. And now they're talking about shutting down the government unless they get their ideological objectives. We think there are better priorities.”

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