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Feb 18, 2014

DCCC Chairman Israel Releases New Video Framing 2014 Election

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Steve Israel released a new video today framing the 2014 election and making clear what’s at stake. The video, titled “Whose Side Are You On,” showcases the values  House Democrats are fighting for—middle class security, and building an economy that works for America’s hardworking middle class families. Chairman Israel debuted the video for his colleagues at the House Democrats’ retreat last week. The video is narrated by Congressman John Lewis.

“This election will be about whose side you are on, and Democrats are standing on the side of strengthening the economy so it works for every American,” said Chairman Steve Israel. “Middle class families facing higher prices and stagnant wages, can count on Democrats to  fight to expand opportunity and protect middle class security. Rising wages, pay equity, immigration reform, a fair tax code—these are the issues House Democrats are fighting for, and they will serve as a stark contrast to House Republicans, who stack the deck in favor of Washington special interests.”

Whose Side Are You On?


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