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Feb 26, 2013

DCCC Chair Steve Israel Announces Pingree, Frankel will Head ‘Women LEAD’ Effort

DCCC Chair Steve Israel Announces Pingree, Frankel will Head ‘Women LEAD’ Effort


DCCC Chairman Steve Israel announced today that two trailblazing women – Representatives Chellie Pingree (D-ME) and Lois Frankel (D-FL) – will head up the DCCC’s “Women LEAD” effort to recruit and support more female candidates, protect women’s rights, expand their opportunities and stop the Republican War on Women. The DCCC’s Women LEAD program is designed to engage women in the democratic process and build a network of people around the country dedicated to electing more women to the House of Representatives.


“As trailblazing women themselves, Lois Frankel and Chellie Pingree are dedicated to improving the lives of women across this country and to recruiting and supporting more women running for office,” said Representative Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Their commitment to the cause of women’s rights, and their natural leadership will expand opportunity for all women. The facts are clear: When women vote, Democrats win. Bringing even more Democratic women into the political process is a winning formula for our party.”


The DCCC’s “Women LEAD” program helps build the resources for the DCCC to support Democratic women candidates who will stand up to the extremism of the Tea Party House Republicans.


Women LEAD



“When it comes to women, the gulf between Democrats and Republicans is staggering – women and minorities make up more than half of our caucus, while 90 percent of Republicans are white men,” Representative Chellie Pingree said. “Democrats will elect more women to the House on the simple message that we’re fighting for equal pay for equal work and health care rights – and that in our party, there’s no such thing as legitimate rape.”


"As Democrats, we are determined to make life better for the women of this country, and we will work hard every day to pass legislation that matters to women. We will fight efforts to turn back the clock on women and families,” Representative Lois Frankel said. “We’ll build on our successful recruiting efforts and look to expand our ranks of women who can lead this country.” 

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