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Mar 06, 2013

DCCC Announces Cuellar, Luján will Lead Latino Council to Expand Democrats’ Ranks

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel announced today that Representatives Henry Cuellar (TX-28) and Ben Ray Luján (NM-03) will spearhead the DCCC’s Latino Council, an effort to recruit and support Latino candidates and candidates who stand with the Latino community for the 2014 elections.

“Democrats just elected a historic number of Latinos to Congress because our party is working hard on the issues that matter: expanding the middle class, fixing our broken immigration system and educating the next generation,” said Representative Steve Israel, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “More than half of House Democrats are minorities or women, and we are determined to have a caucus that not only looks like America, but stands for the American Dream. Representatives Cuellar and Luján are proven leaders – and they will bring the issues that are important to the Latino community front and center for our members and our candidates, while ensuring that we recruit and support strong Latino candidates and candidates who stand with the Latino community.”

Latinos will remain a key electoral group for Democrats in the midterm races. According to exit polling from ABC News, Latinos voted for House Democrats by an overwhelming margin, 68-30. The incoming Democratic class has 10 Hispanic representatives, which make up about 20 percent of the entire class.

The Latino Council will also highlight the extremism of the Tea Party House Republicans and work to make sure that candidates have the resources they need to roll back the Tea Party’s out-of-touch approach on issues that matter to the Latino community. 

Latino Council 

“Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of our population, and it’s our job to make sure that the American Dream is wide open to all of them – that means the best schools, an immigration system that makes sense, and every opportunity to succeed,” Representative Cuellar said. “The United States is the greatest country in the world, and Democrats understand how to expand that dream to everyone who comes to this country. I’m proud to lead this effort to make sure that Latinos are represented at the highest levels of our government – and that Latinos head to the polls in 2014.”

“In the past few years, we’ve seen too much division, racial profiling and denial of basic civil rights – and we need to stop the extremists in Congress who have stood in the way of the dreams and aspirations of hard-working people who want nothing more than a better life for themselves and their families,” Representative Luján said. “The values this great country was founded on are the values we need to pass on to the next generation: hard work, opportunity for all, and fairness. Those are the values the Democratic Party fights for – and that’s why I agreed to lead this effort, because I truly believe we need the resources to elect more Latinos who share our values, and we need to encourage Latinos to get out and vote.” 


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