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May 21, 2004

Cross Post: Seth of College Dems

Seth Tanner of Smart Ass gave us permission to cross post his thoughts on Diane Farrell and South Dakota, amongst other things.  Enjoy.

This previous weekend, I went home to Connecticut from DC in order to go on a Costco run and gather stuff for my move into a new dorm. My little bro, Scott, asked me to come with him to an organizational meeting for interns on the Dianne Farrell for Congress campaign in Connecticut.


Scott and I drove down to Westport, where we came to a nice building on the lakeside and met ten other enthusiastic College-aged students who were interested in volunteering for First Selectwoman (Mayor) Farrell. Students from across the region, in schools ranging from Fairfield University and West Conn to Columbia University, were there and all interested in helping out.

The Farrell campaign manager, Adam Wood, spoke with us and told the basic truth of campaigns. Volunteers are essential for campaigns. While sometimes it might seem that the only action is in DC, there are many Governors, Senators, Congressman, State Legislatures, and other offices in which we as students can have a major impact on while at home, like the volunteers I met in Westport.


In the upcoming couple of days, we’re going to highlight ways you can help Stephanie Herseth, a former College Democrat President of Georgetown and College Democrats of America Secretary, become the newest Democratic member of Congress on June 1st. In the mean time, it should be the job of everyone reading this to find out what is going on in your neighborhood and finding ways to help Democrats up and down the ticket to win. The power to change the direction of the country is in your hands. Use it.

Thanks, Seth.

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