Campaign 2010

Oct 26, 2012

Constituents Blast Rep. Southerland for Ending Medicare Guarantee While Complaining About His Salary

In the DCCC Independent Expenditure’s fourth TV ad, Floridians blast Congressman Steve Southerland (FL-02) for voting to put Florida seniors’ retirement in jeopardy while complaining about his taxpayer funded salary. Florida seniors would have to pay hundreds of dollars more each month under a plan like the one Congressman Southerland voted for twice.


Script of “Backwards”

Constituent 1:  Have you read up on Steve Southerland?

Voiceover:   In Washington, Southerland voted for two budgets that slash Medicare and give tax breaks to millionaires.

Constituent 2:  Slashing Medicare, giving tax breaks to millionaires...

Constituent 3:  That seems backwards.

Voiceover:  But it's not just that. Southerland's been complaining about his one hundred seventy-four thousand dollar salary. He calls it: “not so much.”

Constituent 1:  “Not so much?”

Constituent 4:  “I wouldn't mind "not so much.”

Constituent 3:  We need a Congressman on OUR side.

Voiceover:   That's Al Lawson.

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