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Jun 12, 2004


Wa Po again:

“What Saddam did was awful, but what the Americans are doing is worse,” said Abu Ahmed, a laborer who lives with his wife and four sons in a government-built apartment house flanking the road. “They say they are bringing us freedom. But this is what they bring.”

Since U.S. forces drove to Baghdad and overthrew President Saddam Hussein in April 2003, the 138,000 American soldiers stationed here have lost their status as liberators in the eyes of most Iraqis. Polling by the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority has chronicled a steady souring of opinion, with the most recent surveys showing about 80 percent of Iraqis with an unfavorable opinion of U.S. troops.

They have been encouraged in their views by Muslim preachers, who, judging by their sermons, have concluded that the U.S. occupation should end immediately if peace is to be restored to Iraq. To buttress their arguments, they repeatedly have cited the abuse of Iraqi captives at Abu Ghraib prison, which has helped crystallize opinion against the presence of U.S. soldiers.

Those who speak of Democrats “endangering the troops” need to get back to reality NOW.  While you flail and attempt to impugn our patriotism, it is your negligence and refusal to pursue the truth that is now demonstrably getting our troops killed.

I have to add, I am baffled to see that this has not been picked up elsewhere in the blogosphere, but the Wa Po story two posts down seems to be the silver bullet in the Abu Ghraib case.  Don’t miss it.

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