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Feb 01, 2012

Congresswoman Bono Mack Sides with Millionaires over the Middle Class - in Florida

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-36) has a record in Congress of protecting millionaires at the expense of the middle class.  So it’s no surprise that she has spent the past week speaking at a rally and campaigning in Florida for Republican presidential candidate and multi-millionaire Mitt Romney, whose tax plan would disproportionately benefit the super wealthy, while leaving the middle class behind. Bono Mack has yet to hold a similar public event for her constituents as she continues to face criticism for campaigning for her husband, who is running for U.S. Senate in Florida, and spending little time in her district.

“Congresswoman Bono Mack is out of touch and out of line in protecting tax breaks for millionaires like Mitt Romney while the middle class are the ones who are suffering,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Rather than talking to middle class voters in her own district, Congresswoman Bono Mack is crisscrossing Florida with multi-millionaire Mitt Romney and her politician husband defending a tax policy that pads the pockets of the ultra wealthy.”

Recently, Congresswoman Bono Mack opposed ending tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires – like Mitt Romney – threatening middle class taxpayers with a $1,000 payroll tax hike. Bono Mack is busy holding a press conference to defend the Republican presidential candidate, who has advocated for a tax plan that would greatly benefit the ultra-wealthy like him. It was also recently revealed that Romney paid a lower tax rate than most middle-class Americans.


Bono Mack tweeted “Proud to be a part of the winning team tonight! #Mitt2012”

[Rep. Mary Bono Mack, Twitter, 1/31/12]


Bono Mack Rallied for Romney – Had Yet to Hold Public Rally for Own Campaign. “Rep. Mary Bono Mack hit the presidential campaign trail last week, but it didn't include stops in California. Instead, the Palm Springs Republican joined her favorite presidential candidate, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, as he tried to woo voters in Florida…while Bono Mack attended a gathering in Florida of a couple hundred Romney supporters, she has yet to hold a similar public rally for her own campaign in the desert.” [Desert Sun, 1/29/12]

Bono Mack Voted for the Republican Plan to Lower Taxes on the Rich. On April 15, 2011, House Republicans voted for the FY12 Republican budget, which would lower the nation’s top tax rate from 35% to 25%. [H Con Res 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; The New Republic, 4/20/11]

Bono Mack Voted Against Consideration of an Extension of the Payroll Tax Cut for Working Americans.  In 2011, Bono Mack repeatedly voted against the consideration of an extension of the payroll tax cut for working Americans. [H Res 477, Vote #870, 11/30/11; H Res 487, Vote #902, 12/08/11; H Res 479, Vote #889, 12/06/11; H Res 491, Vote #918, 12/13/11; H Res 493, Vote #925, 12/14/11; H Res 502, Vote #944, 12/20/11]

WSJ: Tax Policy Center: Romney Plan Gives Wealthy Big Tax Cuts. “The analysis by the Washington-based Tax Policy Center concluded that Mr. Romney’s plan would reduce taxes significantly for high-income earners (by 6.9% or $146,000 for households making more than $1 million)…” [Wall Street Journal, 1/5/12]

Romney Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Most Middle-Income Americans. “Mitt Romney earned more than $42 million over the past two years, and paid $6.2 million in taxes at an effective rate averaging 14 percent.” [ABC News, 1/24/12]


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