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Oct 26, 2012

Congressman Sean Duffy: NARAL is “Disgusting”

 First “Doctor” Todd Akin lectured on the definition of rape. Next “Scientist” Congressman Joe Walsh reminded everyone of his ignorance on women’s health. Then just this week, extreme Tea Party Senate candidate Richard Mourdock actually insisted that pregnancies from rape were gifts from God.  

Now, please welcome Congressman Sean Duffy to the Tea Party panel of women’s health experts. Duffy had the audacity not just to lie about publicly funded abortions, but to deride women’s health advocacy group NARAL as “disgusting.”

“Instead of standing up for medicine, science and common-sense, Congressman Duffy chimed into the radical Tea Party ideologue’s echo chamber on women’s health,” said Haley Morris of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Congressman Duffy’s insult to women’s health is offensive, but his ideologically-driven ignorance betrays a failed grasp on reality. Tea Party Republicans have pushed the Republican Party out of the mainstream values of independent voters, and Congressman Duffy is part of the problem.”


Duffy Called Women’s Health Advocacy Group NARAL “Disgusting.” In an October 2012 debate, Duffy called the women’s advocacy group NARAL “disgusting.”  Duffy also stated that he believed  “life begins at conception” and that the government should “protect life at conception,” but failed to say whether he believed there should be any exceptions for rape or incest. [Raw Story, 10/24/12]

Duffy Claimed Planned Parenthood Uses Taxpayer Funds for Abortion.  In an October 2012 debate, Duffy claimed that Planned Parenthood uses taxpayer funds for abortion.  However, the Hyde Amendment, first passed in 1976 already prohibits the spending of federal money on abortion. [Raw Story, 10/24/12; New York Times, 4/9/11]

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