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Dec 02, 2013

Congressman Rodney Davis Says He Was “Justified” in Voting to Shut Down The Government

Despite costing the U.S. economy $24 billion, Congressman Rodney Davis believes that his repeated votes to shut down the government were “justified.” After twice refusing to rule out another government shutdown in January, Congressman Davis has again embraced gridlock and dysfunction by telling a local radio station last week that his vote to shut down the government was the right thing to do.

“While other Republicans are happy to put the damaging shutdown vote behind them, Congressman Davis keeps cheerleading for another government shutdown,” said Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “If Congressman Davis can’t see that his reckless and irresponsible shutdown that cost the economy billions and created more uncertainty for the economy was the wrong thing to do, then he’s totally out of touch with Illinois’ middle class families.”


Congressman Davis Said he Thought his Votes to Shutdown the Government Were “Justified.” In 2013, when asked if he had changed his mind on his shutdown votes, Davis said, “Not at all […] I don't think any of those votes were bad votes at the time and they were actually justified right now when you talk about the delay we asked for that I think the American people are going to demand out of the president and his administration.” [WDWS, 6:40, 11/26/13] 

Congressman Davis Would Not Guarantee that He’d Oppose Another Shutdown. In October 2013, when asked if he would support another government shutdown Davis said, “We're going to have to see what happens over the next month and a half. I'm not one to sit and offer how I'm going to vote or how I'm not going to vote until I actually see a piece of legislation and put it into the perspective of that time and where we are. I can't guarantee that I'm going to vote for any piece of legislation a month and a half from now because I haven't seen it. That's what I'm saying.” [News-Gazette10/18/13]

  • Headline: Congressman Davis Won't Guarantee Another Government Shutdown Won't Happen [Dewitt Daily News10/23/13]

Congressman Davis Signed a Letter Urging the House Republican Leadership to only Fund the Government if it Defunded the Affordable Health Care Act. According to Freedom Works, Rodney Davis signed a letter authored by Tea Party Congressman Mark Meadows, “affirming that they will refuse to vote for a CR that contains ObamaCare funding.” [Freedom Works Website, 8/14/13; Meadows Letter, 8/21/13]

  • Headline: 80 House Members: Shutdown Better than “Obamacare” [Associated Press, 8/23/13] 

Congressman Davis Voted for a Continuing Resolution that would “Likely Result” In a Government Shutdown. In 2013 House Republicans passed a Continuing Resolution that the Associated Press reported would “likely result” in the shutdown of the federal government. According to the New York Times: “After three years of cajoling, finessing and occasionally strong-arming his fitful conservative majority, Speaker John A. Boehner waved the white flag on Wednesday, surrendering to demands from his right flank that he tie money to keep the government open after Sept. 30 to stripping President Obama’s health care law of any financing. […] The House’s stopgap spending measure would finance the government through Dec. 15 at the current spending levels, which reflect the automatic spending cuts that took effect in March, known as sequestration, while blocking the health care law, under which the uninsured will be enrolled beginning on Oct. 1.” [HJ Res 59, Vote #478, 9/20/13; Associated Press, 8/23/13New York Times9/18/13]

Congressman Davis Voted Sixteen Times Against Efforts to Re-Open the Government. Following the government shutdown, Congressman Davis voted sixteen times against efforts to vote on a clean government funding resolution by allowing consideration of the Senate-passed continuing resolution. Of these votes, the New York Times wrote: “So far, however, there has been little tangible headway. Part of the problem is that moderates are behaving a bit too moderately. They have yet to vote with Democrats on procedural maneuvers that could force the hand of the Republican leadership or to sign a petition Democrats are circulating that would require a vote on a short-term spending bill to reopen the government if a majority of House members signed. They are unwilling to defy their leaders to that extent.” [H Res 370, Vote #509, 10/02/13; HJ Res 70, Vote #512, 10/02/13; HR 3230, Vote #515, 10/03/13; HJ Res 72, Vote #517, 10/03/13; H Res 371, Vote #519, 10/04/13; HJ Res 85, Vote #521, 10/04/13; HJ Res 75, Vote #523, 10/04/13; H J Res 77, Vote #527, 10/7/13; HJ Res 84, Vote #529, 10/08/13; H Res 373,Vote #531, 10/08/13; HR 3273, Vote #533, 10/08/13; HJ Res 90, Vote #536, 10/09/13; HJ Res 79, Vote #539, 10/10/13; HJ Res 76, Vote #541, 10/11/13; HJ Res 380, Vote #543, 10/11/13; HJ Res 80, Vote #547, 10/14/13; New York Times10/07/13]

…And Because of Congressman Davis’ Government Shutdown:

1,300 Illinois National Guard Employees Were Furloughed. In 2013 during the government shutdown, “About 1,300 Illinois National Guard employees also are off the job, as are dozens of state employees,” according to Associated Press. [Associated Press, 10/1/13]

Approximately 3,500 Civilian Employees at Scott Air Force Base Were Furloughed. In 2013 during the government shutdown, “Some 3,500 civilian employees - about two-thirds of the non-military staff at 13,000-worker Scott Air Force Base - reported for work but were later sent home after completing paperwork to wait out the federal shutdown,” according to the Associated Press. [Associated Press, 10/1/13]

Illinois Scaled Back Inspections on Hospitals and Nursing Homes. In 2013 the Associated Press reported that “Illinois officials are scaling back on certain hospital and nursing home inspections because of the partial federal government shutdown.” [Associated Press, 10/11/13]

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