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May 20, 2013

Congressman Renacci Attacks IRS While Still Dealing With His Own Tax Scandal

In recent days, Congressman Jim Renacci has stepped up his attacks on the IRS, calling their behavior “completely unacceptable,” but what Congressman Renacci fails to acknowledge is that he’s currently dealing with his own tax scandal that his constituents find unacceptable.  The Ohio Tax Commissioner calculated that Congressman Renacci owed $1.4 million in back taxes and penalties for misreporting millions of income, but Congressman Renacci refused to pay his bill and has demanded he get extensions to accommodate his political needs.

“It’s ironic that Congressman Renacci is attacking the IRS and calling their behavior ‘completely unacceptable’ when his own failure to pay taxes is so completely unacceptable,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “It’s unacceptable for Congressman Renacci to attack the IRS knowing he tried to shelter millions of dollars and is still trying to avoid paying the penalty for avoiding his taxes. The people of Ohio’s 16th Congressional district expect and deserve a representative who pays his fair share in taxes – not Congressman Renacci who puts politics first.”


Renaccis Tried to Shelter Income, Assessed $1.4 Million in Taxes and Penalties. In June 2007, Renacci and his wife filed an appeal with the Board of Tax Appeals in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals against a finding for an almost $1.4 million assessment for income taxes. The tax commissioner calculated $954,650 in tax; $146,938 in interest; and $293,876 in penalty. The Renaccis appealed the entire $1,395,464 assessment to the Board of Tax Appeals in June 2006. [Ninth Judicial District Court of Appeals, Case No. 07CA0061-M; Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/19/12]

  • Headline: Rep. Jim Renacci is still disputing $359,822 tax penalty from 2000 [Cleveland Plain Dealer, 10/19/12]

Renacci: IRS Targeting is “Completely Unacceptable.” In May, 2013, Renacci said, “The admission from the IRS that it has been targeting conservative groups for extra scrutiny is completely unacceptable.” [Renacci press release, 5/13/13]

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