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Jan 09, 2014

Congressman Michael Grimm Jumps Headlong into Yet Another Federal Investigation‎

New York Congressman Michael Grimm was one of the first elected officials in the country to come to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s defense and insert himself in the middle of a scandal brewing in another state. Congressman Grimm, who is also facing a federal investigation for his illicit use of his own elected office, fired off a statement before Governor Christie was even finished with his press conference saying that Christie demonstrated, “true leadership and accountability.”

Marc Brumer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said:  “It’s comes as no surprise that Congressman Michael Grimm who is currently being investigated by the FBI himself, would be one of the first elected officials in the country to come to Chris Christie’s defense. Maybe they can they can carpool to federal court together. Only Congressman Michael Grimm would use a scandal in another state to try to divert attention from his own scandal-plagued tenure in office. Another day, another desperate attempt by Congressman Grimm to distract New Yorkers from his failed record.”


Grimm Released Statement Praising Christie While His Press Conference was in Progress. “Rep. Michael Grimm is standing with Gov. Chris Christie, at a time when Republicans aren’t rushing forward to defend the embattled politician and possible 2016 presidential candidate. In a statement released while Christie’s news conference was still going on, the Staten Island Congressman manages to not only praise Christie but bash President Obama.”  [YNN, 1/9/14]

Grimm: “Christie Demonstrated True Leadership and Accountability During Today’s Press Conference.” “Governor Christie demonstrated true leadership and accountability during today’s press conference,” Grimm said in a statement.  [YNN, 1/9/14]

  • Headline: Grimm Rushes to Christie’s Defense [YNN, 1/9/14]

FBI Investigating Grimm Over Alleged Illegal Campaign Contributions, “Among Other Things.” “The FBI has been investigating Grimm — a top target for Democrats in 2014 — over allegations that he received hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions, among other things. The Ethics Committee was asked to look into the charges last year but deferred to the FBI investigation. The committee said it would update the public annually if the deferral continues, as it did on Tuesday.” [The Hill, 11/26/13

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