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May 22, 2013

Congressman Buchanan Should Live Up to His Own Standards

Congressman Buchanan Should Live Up to His Own Standards and Release All Documents Pertaining to His Own Financial Scandals

Scandal plagued, former used car salesman Congressman Vern Buchanan has been tapped by Republicans to help lead the investigation into the IRS, and now he’s calling for transparency – despite the fact that Congressman Buchanan has refused to release details of his own alleged “financial improprieties.”

That’s why today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is calling on Congressman Vern Buchanan to live up to his own standards and release all documents pertaining to his own financial scandals in order to maintain the credibility of the investigation. Last week, the Committee called on Congressman Buchanan to recuse himself from the investigation in light of his own history of financial scandals.

“It is time for Congressman Vern Buchanan to live up to his own standards and release all documents relating to his own financial scandals,” said David Bergstein of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Both Democrats and Republicans have called for a thorough investigation into the misconduct of the IRS, and Congressman Vern Buchanan called for transparency. But the Robber cannot guard the bank: In order to preserve the integrity of the Committee’s findings, Congressman Buchanan must release all details he has previously withheld regarding his own history of financial scandals and recuse himself from further hearings.”


Congressman Buchanan Investigated by the IRS for Alleged “Financial Improprieties.” “Federal inquiries surrounding Mr. Buchanan appear to be widening, as investigators examine allegations that his companies improperly reimbursed contributors to his campaigns and claimed improper tax deductions and that he failed to include all his varied financial interests in his Congressional disclosure reports […] agents for the F.B.I. and the Internal Revenue Service recently contacted former employees alleging financial improprieties by Mr. Buchanan, who owns a number of auto dealerships throughout Florida and elsewhere and is one of the richest members of Congress. A federal grand jury in Tampa is hearing evidence in the case as well.” [New York Times, 2/23/12]

Congressman Buchanan Refused to Release Documents Surrounding Alleged Tax Evasion and Fraud. “Buchanan has been in litigation with his former partner Sam Kazran since 2008. During the suit witness have sworn the Congressman has illegally funneled money for campaign contributions through his business and has been guilty of tax evasion and tax fraud […] While Buchanan has vigorously denied these allegations, he has refused to turn over records his ex-partner has requested through the court.” [WTSP, 4/11/3]

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