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Apr 20, 2004

Clean Air Bad

Stone Phillips interviews former EPA official Bruce Buckheit (via Kevin Drum):

Phillips: “What’s the biggest enforcement challenge right now when it comes to air pollution?”

Buckheit: “The Bush Administration. An opportunity to reduce pollution just as we saw in Tampa is being foregone.”

Phillips: “Are you saying this administration just doesn’t care about air pollution?”

Buckheit: “Yes. I’m saying this administration has decided to put the economic interests of the coal fired power plants ahead of the public interests in reducing air pollution.”

Phillips: “That’s a pretty serious allegation.”

Buckheit: “Well, I was the head of the air enforcement division up until a couple weeks ago and I watched it happen.”

Why does the GOP hate the environment?  We did a little research and figured it out:

“The greenies have led us into the crisis in the Middle East… The rabid environmentalists felt it was more important to jeopardize the lives of our brave American servicemen than risk the death of a single snail darter.”

-Tom DeLay (Washington Post, November 4, 1990)

It’s just like when they wouldn’t fund No Child Left Behind because teachers are “terrorists.”  Get it?  Or are you with them...

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