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Aug 22, 2012

Chronicles of Corruption Starring Congressman David Rivera

At a time when Congressman David Rivera (FL-26) faces investigations by the FBI and IRS for tax evasion, the Miami Herald exposed Congressman David Rivera's deep personal involvement in a "shadow campaign that might have broken federal laws." During this recent primary, Congressman Rivera allegedly "helped orchestrate and fund" a potentially illegal mail campaign against his political opponents, including $43,000 worth of secretive payments to a campaign vendor.

Just this year, the State Attorney's Office nearly charged Rivera with "52 counts of theft, money laundering and racketeering" and found that he engaged in "questionable financial practices."

"While Congressman David Rivera is still the focus of an FBI and IRS probe for tax evasion, his pattern of cover ups, lies and distortions continue to grow exponentially with his alleged personal involvement in a ‘shadow campaign’ against his Democratic opponent,” said Stephanie Formas of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  “Since coming to Washington, Congressman David Rivera has developed a reputation as one of the most corrupt Members of Congress who has spent more time defending his ethical lapses than working for Floridians.  South Florida families deserve a representative committed to creating jobs and protecting Medicare, not one distracted by ongoing ethical and legal challenges."


Congressman Rivera Continues to Be Under Investigation by FBI and IRS. Congressman Rivera remains under IRS and FBI investigation for potential campaign finance violations and tax evasion. [Miami Herald, 4/18/12; Washington Post, 5/1/12]

Congressman Rivera’s Arrest “Seemed All But Certain” as He Faced 52-Count Complaint. “In the summer of 2011, the arrest of U.S. Rep. David Rivera seemed all but certain. Agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement had waded through piles of credit-card receipts and banking records, tracing thousands of dollars from Rivera’s political campaigns to his personal accounts. Miami-Dade prosecutors were preparing a ‘draft’ complaint charging the Republican congressman with 52 counts of theft, money laundering and racketeering.” [Miami Herald, 7/15/02]

Congressman Rivera Was Not Charged Because of Legal Loopholes. The investigators’ report makes clear that they believed Rivera had violated the law, but were prevented from prosecuting him because of legal ambiguities and excessively stringent statute of limitation requirements. To ensure that these time limitations would not prevent elected officials from facing prosecution in the future, the investigators recommended that the law reclassify these offenses to provide prosecutors enough time to conduct their inquires. [Memorandum from the State Attorney’s Office, 4/17/12]

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