Campaign 2010

Apr 14, 2004

Chris Matthews Punches John Fund in the Face

This was very funny, from last night’s show after the press conference:

FUND: No, because, Chris, I think he went on offense tonight.

One of the most interesting things here was his formulation that, if you compare Iraq to Vietnam, it’s not only wrong, but it leaves some support to our enemies. That was a direct shot against the bow of Ted Kennedy.

MATTHEWS: Exactly.

FUND: And his best friend in the Senate, John Kerry.

MATTHEWS: Oh, John McCain’s best friend? Right.

FUND: No, John Kerry’s best friend in the Senate is Ted Kennedy.

MATTHEWS: I understand. I understand that you’re making a political point here, right? You’re also joining in the attack on Ted Kennedy on the president’s side, right, John?

FUND: Yes, because the chief


MATTHEWS: OK. Just so—let me make clear what you’re doing here. You’re joining in the propaganda offensive against Ted Kennedy tonight.

FUND: No, there’s no propaganda offensive.

MATTHEWS: Of course. You just did it.

FUND: Ted Kennedy—Ted Kennedy would not have said that if he hadn’t cleared it with John Kerry.

MATTHEWS: Do you honestly believe, even though you’re smirking, John Fund…

Even funnier in video, how about it CAP?

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