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Nov 20, 2013

Chris Christie:  Republican Congress “Toxic” and Failing to “Get The Job Done”

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has become the darling of the national Republican Party but he’s made crystal clear the problem with teh Republican Congress – they have a “toxic” agenda and have failed to “get the job done” for the middle class. Christie has slammed the Republican Congress for their government shutdown, for failing to protect victims of Hurricane Sandy and for dysfunction that hurt the middle class – and they show no signs of relenting in coming months.

Just this week, when speaking to a group of CEO’s, Christie slammed Congressional Republicans for their shutdown strategy, calling it a failure, and said the GOP’s electoral problems are a result of “bad decision-making and a loss of courage.”

Examples of what Christie has said about this Republican Congress in the past year include:

  • Chris Christie: Shutdown an “Awful Example in Governance.”
  • Chris Christie: House Republicans “Failed Most Basic Test of Leadership” on Hurricane Sandy aid
  • Chris Christie: House Republicans Guilty of “Toxic Internal Politics.”
  • Chris Christie: House Republicans are to blame for the “continued suffering of these innocent victims” and House Republicans are “disappointing and disgusting to watch.”
  • Chris Christie: Republicans in Congress need to follow my lead and “get the job done.”

“Chris Christie’s star is among national Republicans but he’s built a case against Congressional Republicans highlighting their toxic agenda and failure to get the job done that seems to be falling on deaf ears,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “All signs point to this being the worst Congress in American history – and Speaker Boehner and House Republicans refuse to fix any problems before the end of the year. Chris Christie was right: the Republican Congress has ‘failed,’ is unable to ‘get the job done’ and is responsible for the ‘suffering’ of the middle class.”

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