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Apr 09, 2004

Choices to Make

Perhaps the most interesting and intense showdown to emerge from the TX redistricting plan is the race between Frost (D) and Sessions (R), two incumbents thrown against eachother.  The GOP assumption, and many bought into this, was that Sessions would have a cakewalk.  But the pundits and analysts that be have pretty much all recently re-called the race as a toss-up.  And when Frost implies in his blog ads that there is no better way to stick it to DeLay, he’s probably right.  Burnt Orange and Kuff have both been on this story, so go read up there, but basically a front group for some hardcore racist anti-immigration folks are running ads against Frost, and Sessions refuses to denounce them.  Today, the Dallas Morning News nails him for it:

Never mind that the ad is wrong on some facts. The piece is as racially tinged as those Willie Horton ads the late Mr. Atwater put together for the first President Bush during his 1988 White House bid. It contains many shots of blacks and Hispanics, some of whom look as if they are making a run for the border. The inflammatory ad is followed by a statement that Mr. Frost would give amnesty to 6.5 million illegal immigrants and would allow 250,000 more foreign workers to come here each year.

Mr. Frost denies that claim, saying it refers to President Bush’s immigration plan, which he doesn’t support. We agree with his statement, because it isn’t clear the immigration bills he has sponsored would lead to wholesale amnesty.


But we would urge Mr. Sessions to denounce this group, just as GOP Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas and GOP Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico have done. And we urge the coalition to stop airing this ad. If it disagrees with more immigration, then make that point. But stop throwing gasoline on the fire.

There’s a right way to debate immigration, and there’s a wrong way. This one is about as wrong as it gets.

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