Campaign 2010

Feb 18, 2004

Chandler Victory Speech

While the nation’s newspapers focused primarily on last night’s Wisconsin primary election, the political world in Washington, DC was abuzz regarding stunning defeat of Alice Forgy Kerr. The predictable spin was everywhere: “This has NOTHING to do with President Bush or national politics.” (Karl Rove Call Home)

GOP message-meisters are looking for words to use with the media to describe what happened.  How about P-A-T-T-E-R-N!

At least that is what the D-Trip and Democrats everywhere are determined will be the case as we move on to the South Dakota special election June 1st, as well as others that may occur before or after. 

Steve posted some pictures earlier (we’ve got a lot more coming). We’re also going to be posting new materials to the website, like screen shots of direct mail pieces and television ads we used.  (They will be up no later than tomorrow).  We will also be adding more to the blog, including (as promised) stories from many of the volunteers who participated.

At this point, however, we will simply leave you with a link to excerpts from Ben Chandler’s victory speech last night as shot by Dan Manatt.  He thanks the extraordinary efforts of people like the volunteers who helped in this effort, as well as those who supported the campaign financially (as many of you did). 

More soon!  (including belated responses to a number of comments you’ve made and questions you’ve raised).

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