Campaign 2010

Feb 11, 2004

Chandler Endorsed by the Lex Herald-Leader

Chandler won the endorsement of the Lexington Herald-Leader this morning.

They said:

The waves of attacks and distortions, most fueled by out-of-state Republican money, are coming by TV, mail and phone. This multimillion-dollar mudslide is so repulsive that voters could hardly be blamed for ignoring Tuesday’s special election, which has the added disincentive of falling on the day after a federal holiday for some workers….

By wading through the muck and examining the candidates’ credentials, they will see that Ben Chandler is easily the most qualified. Chandler’s experience, knowledge and record are far superior to Republican Alice Forgy Kerr’s or Libertarian Mark Gailey’s.

(it gets better… read it.)

Not to beat a dead horse, but you should come to Kentucky with us this weekend. GOP = money, Democrats need people.

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