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Jan 11, 2013

Chairman of the Republican Doctors Caucus Says Akin Was “Partly Right”

Congressman Phil Gingrey, chairman of the House Republican Doctors Caucus, became the latest in a long line of Republicans to expose their party’s extreme, offensive, and medically ignorant views about rape. Chairman Gingrey said that disgraced former Congressman Todd Akin was “partly right” last year when he said that pregnancy resulting from rape was rare because a woman’s body "has ways to try to shut that whole thing down."

“That the Chairman of the Republican Doctors Caucus shares former Congressman Todd Akin’s extreme, offensive views on women and rape is both alarming and telling,” said DCCC Communications Director Jesse Ferguson. “Last November women across the country sent the message loud and clear that they are not interested in electing men who don’t take women’s health and safety seriously, but House Republicans have apparently still not gotten that message.

"As long as Republicans have extremists like Congressman Gingrey leading their health care policy, the Tea Party House Republicans will be too extreme for women."

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