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Jun 18, 2004

Catching up on Halliburton

Two new entries, neither related to Iraq, both while Cheney was still CEO.

Halliburton fires two for bribes in Nigeria

Halliburton Co. has fired two consultants - one of whom was also the retired chairman - of a subsidiary under investigation for alleged involvement in paying $180 million in bribes to get a natural gas project contract in Nigeria.



The alleged bribes were made to Nigerian officials from 1995 - three years before Halliburton acquired Dresser - through 2002. Other contracts on the Nigerian plant to the consortium followed in 1999 and 2002.

Vice President Dick Cheney was head of Halliburton from 1995 through 2000, when he resigned to be President Bush’s running mate.

And according to the Jewish Forward (subscription), Halliburton is being investigated for ties to Iran:


A Treasury Department investigation into the activities of oil giant Halliburton in Iran is looking at potentially suspicious business contacts between Iran’s oil company and Halliburton at the time it was headed by Vice President Richard Cheney.


According to documents dating from 1997 and 1998, a Dubai-based Halliburton subsidiary received at least a dozen tender offers from Kala Ltd, the wholly owned British subsidiary of the National Iranian Oil Company.


Investigators are trying to figure out if those deals were concluded and if they violated U.S. sanctions against Tehran, congressional sources said.


“This would be the first evidence that Halliburton was actively seeking business in Iran under Cheney in possible violation of U.S. laws,” said Dan Katz, the chief counsel for Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey, who obtained the documents as part of an effort to tighten U.S. sanctions against states sponsoring terrorism and then handed them over to the Treasury.


Something is starting to smell funny about this Iran-Cheney-Chalabi triangle.

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