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Apr 22, 2004

Bush Celebrates Earth Day

Outright inspiring:

President Bush, trying to shore up his environmental record against criticism from Democratic rival John Kerry, on Thursday called for restoring or protecting as many as 3 million acres of wetlands over the next five years.

“Instead of just limiting our losses, we will expand the wetlands of America,” Bush said Thursday after touring a salt marsh accompanied by his mother, Barbara, on an overcast day.

But then the story takes a bit of a downturn:

In December, Bush abandoned a plan that could have further reduced wetlands protections by scaling back the Clean Water Act’s coverage of isolated ponds and streams, many of them dry for part of the year.

His administration also has said that projects no longer have to restore wetlands acre-for-acre if the “no net loss” goal is met for each of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ 38 U.S. districts, which are formed by watersheds and not state boundaries.

Here’s today’s @Stake story for Earth Day.

Here’s Tom DeLay on the EPA: “The Gestapo of government, purely and simply.”

DCCC Chairman Matsui’s statement:  “A Democratic Congress will fight to ensure that public health and environmental protection are not just buzz words, but real actions that result in positive improvements in the quality and safety of our air, water and land.”

Jim Hightower on DeLay and the environment in extended entry.

Here’s Jim Hightower on Tom DeLay:

By whatever name you choose, it’s time for all of us to know just who this guy is, for DeLay has quietly become by far the most powerful man in Congress, with his own political muscle that rivals the White House itself. Not that DeLay Inc. and BushCo are at oddsFor us, the importance of DeLay is that (1) he is even more rabidly right-wing than the Bushites; (2) he controls what the House does and doesn’t do; (3) he has cobbled together a shadowy network of money, lobbying, and grass-roots troops that exerts unrelenting right-wing pressure on the entire Republican agenda (and therefore on the country’s agenda); and (4) he intends to be there long after W. is gone. On the other hand, the more America knows of DeLay, the better off we are, for he is not merely an ideological extremist—he’s nutty, frightening, and butt-ugly to boot.

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